Mid Year Wisdom

As part of teaching my students how to record and mix an audio file as a substitute for writing a blog post, I created this. Making it up as I was going along, I thought it would be a good idea to have each of my students come up with ‘words of wisdom’ that they want to share with next year’s Year 6’s. I thought it would be interesting for my current students to reflect on something that they see as important for ‘surviving’ Mr Huebl as a teacher. All the kids participated with good humour and this is our result.

Click here to listen —–> Mid Year Wisdom <——- Click there to listen

Reflecting on this lesson today, I see that giving relevant content to an otherwise dry ‘chalk and talk’ demonstration has led to a valuable resource not only for my current students, but my class of Year 5’s that I will meet officially at the end of the year. It has hit home the notion for not only myself but my students as well that with the plethora of web tools available, it is ridiculously easy to engage in meaningful reflection. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have 1:1 devices, where students could make these reflections ‘on the fly’ and then publish in a meaningful way at a later date.

The ability to do things as the inspiration comes is not always a luxury however, but I see after this exercise that these opportunities should be grasped at all costs.