Twitter Chats are flavour of the month

In the last 24 hours I participated in three twitter chats; my regular #ozprimschchat, my less regular #mypchat and a special custom made #sasvisionyear6. All three represent a different type of professional learning which I will discuss here.


This is a chat that I try to participate in regularly, and have discussed previously here and here. Last night the topic was a review of the year; The Good the Bad and lets not tweet about the ugly. Clever, I know.

  #MYPchat I’m new to both teaching the MYP so even newer to active participation in this chat – I have been somewhat of a lurker. Last night however, I feel I made my first genuine contributions to the discussion about the new subject guides.


As part of publicising our school’s new Vision, we were tasked with discussing how we would make it visible in our classrooms next year. We decided to host a mock twitter chat, with the feed showing to the other staff. It allowed us to share the benefits of twitter chats in general as well as communicate our ideas surrounding the task.