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Back to school

Going back to school is exciting. As a student, it was all about seeing friends, catching up on the news and its a fresh start. It’s also about opening new stationery. As a teacher, it is the opportunity to refresh those stale habits that grew on us last term and to try new things. It’s also about new stationery for us.

This term, I have tried to give my students the benefits of the CEGSA ICT & Pedagogy Partnership Conference that I attended in the student free (holiday) break. I specifically took a lot from the idea of students making personal connections as an integral part of their learning. I see four separate ways in which I want to foster connections in my students.

With the information. Relating their personal experiences to what they are learning about.
With the ideas. Considering how the themes being looked at affect their own lives.
With Classmates. Identifying how the interactions they have with their classmates aids in their learning.
With Others. Reaching out to the wider school community and beyond to give context to their new ideas.

My goal is for my students to be constantly mindful of how they are connecting during their learning. I know that learning requires connections and I suspect that if you make connections, you can’t help but learn.

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