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The beginning

So I am, amongst all my other commitments, going to run an Ultra Marathon later this year. I find that running, especially on trails in the hills near where I live is meditative and relaxing. Now running 56km up and down mountains is not a logical progression from that, but I have a good friend training me and… what the hey. Not sure how closely I will follow my training on this site, but from time to time I may throw something on here if I feel inspired. This morning was the first day of my new regime.


Leading Light

I was fortunate enough to be honoured by EdTechSA when they awarded me with a Leading Light award at their recent AGM. I usually wouldn’t make a big deal of this sort of honour as its not the kind of thing that is a motivator. For me, the focus os always on the learning of my students. The fact that other think that what we achieve is worth a mention is a real bonus.

The other thing that is a little bit cool is that my school mentioned my achievement on their Facebook page. What resonates with me about that is that for years I have been wanting to be at a school that embraces new technology rather than shies away from it. My school’s willingness to support this approach is a large part of why I am personally able to do so much with technology in my own classroom. So I guess that fact that there is a Facebook page to share it on is what I find exciting. Anyway…

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