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Learning Spaces

#ozprimschchat last night discussed Learning Spaces. I am looking into this a lot at the moment. I have gradually this year been getting rid of tables and chairs and bringing couches, cushions and benches into my classroom. I have noticed a marked improvement in both engagement and motivation amongst my students, which coupled with a 1:1 tablet program next year is motivating me to do more in this area.

This is my current Learning Space

This is a storify of the twitter chat.

2 Responses to Learning Spaces

  1. Henny Walters (100WC Team) says:

    Our classroom is awesome. There are so many ways to learn and work, and every area is open to everyone. We have couches, pillows, blankets, and have decorated our classroom to look like Hogwarts, as our Novel Study book was Harry Potter. My favourite area is in the Hufflepuff common room, where I sit on the bench next to the window, next to Tom, where I am typing this message from now.

  2. Maggie says:

    Our classroom is so inviting! There are heaps of nooks to sit in and work together in groups or by yourself. We’re thinking of beanbags as well while were reading or on laptops. At the moment i’m sitting on a rug next to a small tent! I love the Ravenclaw Common Room because it can only fit a few people and is blue!

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