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2 Responses to Deliberate Planning

  1. Jade Vidovich says:

    Thanks Paul,
    I’m glad you found tonights staff meeting useful and have so many great notes recapping what we had shared. I might just use this on my blog! Can I add your link to my post? It’s always great to view the perspective of the learner.

    I have personally been working on making the learning intention visible in the classroom and will be focusing on clearly communicating success criteria in every lesson. The planners have helped track my thinking and plot out the direction I want to take my students in.

    The other key point I hope staff can take away from this presentation and maybe act on in their own classrooms is the power of reflection and checking in with students at multiple times of the learning cycle. Some of the reflective tools and strategies were so simple and quick to do. Makes a difference to the learner and teacher’s perceptions of how the class is tracking.

    Thank you for your reflection.
    Well done.
    Jade Vidovich

  2. mrhuebl says:

    Cheers Jade. It’s all about learning from each other!

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