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4 Responses to School Policy and the use of Social Media

  1. Jade Vidovich says:

    Well written Paul. I agree with you that some policy documents do discourage the use of social media within schools, teachers feel less confident about their abilities and what they can and cannot post and choose instead to steer clear and avoid using the tech just in case.
    Not ideal, so yes, the answer is clearly to educate staff/ teachers in the use of such social media tools so that their confidence is increased.
    It is not okay to say that I’m not good with technology anymore. It cannot be an excuse. Our students need us (their teachers) to be good digital citizens and model appropriate use of social media.
    Well done for the discussion. Lots to say.

  2. mrhuebl says:

    Thanks Jade. As I mention in the article, its all about having a growth mindset and moving forward in a positive way!

  3. Behind the News says:

    Thanks for the mention Paul. It was also interesting to read how other platforms have benefitted teachers. From our perspective we’ve seen a number of instances where students under 13 have put themselves at risk online so we’re definitely in support of discussion that aims to help students develop safe and positive behaviour on social media.

  4. mrhuebl says:

    That last point really is my motivation – any approach that empowers learners is always going to be the best. Thanks for the comment and for providing a platform for students to develop their positive behaviours.

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